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NOTE: All recordings on this page feature an excerpt or excerpts from the pieces.


"Piano Trio" was written for Trio ex Animo, consisting of Helen Wong (violin), Ethan Sandman (cello), and Tim Jones (piano).


"Spiky Flames" is for violin and piano, and it was performed by Lingchin Liao (violin) and Ben Kapilow (piano).


"No One Can Sue Me Now: Happy Birthday Variations" is for chamber orchestra, and it was performed by Symphony Number One. For more information on Symphony Number One, visit The title is derived from the fact that "Happy Birthday to You" was just declared as public domain in summer 2016! This recording features two excerpts from the piece.


"What Do I See?" is for string quartet and pre-recorded sound. The pre-recorded sound is a set of graduate PhD astronomy students discussing what they think about when they look at the sky at night. The performers in this recording are Will Markowitz (Violin 1), Shreyas Ravi (Violin 2), John Oh (Viola), and Ted Goh (cello).


"Touring Twins" is for two flutes. The performers in this recording are Lily Josefsberg and Grace Tsai.