Music Photos Music Photos Conducting my orchestral piece, "Propulsive Behavior." 173062627 After the performance of my flute duet, "Touring Twins" 200434366 At the final performance of "Peter Pan and Wendy," for which I wrote the music and lyrics. Next to me is, from left to right, the star of the show, my co-writer (Kate Herzlin) and the music director (Jackie Macri). 201235080 Lyric-writing session with the Chestnutwold Elementary School Chorus. I eventually set the words we came up with to music, and the piece was performed at their spring concert. 198653778 Accompanying at the Media Theatre. Photo taken by Roger Ricker. 203694832 Music directing for the Mother of Providence Regional School. Photo taken by Julio Loor. 198054903 Accompanying for "The Vocalist," a voice competition run by the Media Theatre. Photo taken by Roger Ricker. 199251126 Introducing an original piece at the Darlington Arts Center in Garnet Valley, PA. 197067842 Teaching a class called "What if Brahms had an iPad?: Music Creation Through Technology" at the Nelly Berman School of Music. 196814853 Introducing my jazz song, "Ya Gotta Mix it Up." 179499579 With Samuel Adler, one of my composition teachers at the Bowdoin International Music Festival 193489434 With the musicians who performed "Spin, Splatter, Swing," my collaboration with Swarthmore dancer Nicole Cox. 193489433 With George Crumb 179499580 After the performance of my string trio, "Jazz Club in Flames." 179499582 With Nicole Cox, the Lindy Hop dancer with whom I collaborated on a 15-minute jazz piece. 179499577 Introducing my children's chorus song, "Winter Break." 189337960 Performance of my flute and piano piece, "Syncing Tide." 179499578 205924264 After the performance of the musical "America's Next Top Singing Sensation", for which I wrote the music and lyrics. 111980006 Conducting at the University of Scranton 2009 Commencement. 173062774 Playing piano at a rehearsal for "Patience", my piece for rapper and chamber ensemble. 155053732